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Objectifs de RiskInParis

     Partir des faits divers, en fait d'une base de données, pour  déterminer  votre niveau de sécurité de manière objective!
   Faites nous part de vos suggestions en utilisant le lien contact pour ajouter un fait. Merci

75 Paris Où habiter?

75 Paris Quartiers à éviter si possible 



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Accidents automobile    60 75 77 78 91 92 93 94 95
Agressions    60 75 77 78 91 92 93 94 95
Agressions à caractère sexuel    60 75 77 78 91 92 93 94 95
Bandes    60 75 77 78 91 92 93 94 95
Drogue dealer cannabis     60 75 77 78 91 92 93 94 95
Ecoles (Incidents, rackets);   60 75 77 78 91 92 93 94 95
Incidents avec la police    60 75 77 78 91 92 93 94 95
Voitures incendiées    60 75 77 78 91 92 93 94 95

78 Yvelines


91 Essonne

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92 Hauts de Seine

Neuilly est très calme et asnières plus mouvementée


29 mars 2009 7 29 /03 /mars /2009 11:52
This blog is a citizen blog to enable a person to know the facts around a different address in the Paris region and thus to measure its safety.But especially in Paris! The messages of different users surprised me and I would like to avoid ambiguity about the purpose of this blog.

Extensions in March 2009 for tourists in Paris
A new feature is available for tourists in Paris displaying events (assaults, thefts) around the main monuments. Here is the page to the Parisian monuments.

Insecurity is the first of the road?

    Attention, the main point is that of the road.
This phenomenon is growing again this month of November 2008 with more deaths from accidents.

Is this blog  political ? I. It is neither left nor right. Il vous informe... It informs you ...
    . Security is indeed a political issue.  No one knows more since 2002!  Figures are published every month to reassure prospective voters!
  • For surfers right and extreme right, the information on the site seem to illustrate the high insecurity in France and especially in some areas overrun by gangs and this justifies their positions.  This is not the purpose of this blog that does not censorship on the facts identified!
  •   For people on the left, this blog seems to justify the failures of gouvernement.Certains saying that newspapers censor themselves in order to create a false sense of security!

Is this blog  paranoid?
    The purpose of this blog is not to be or become paranoid, but to foster an awareness of real security in the Paris region from a few facts found on various blogs and sites.  There are indeed facts that morality abhors such as assault, sexual violence, fights between gangs, violence with social squats. Faut il les éliminer du blog? Should we eliminate them from the blog? . We took the option of carrying out censorship. Here's an excerpt from the latest list of the departments.
This is not a theoretical knowledge of safety, even if it is statistical. This site allows you to measure the security of your home, restaurant, hotel, garage, school.  At least it was his ambition!

This site aims to allow you to view a map on the facts known to the site RiskInParis
  For those who arrive from Google, you can locate on a map events by entering keywords of research (by making the least possible)
: Department: Your city:

Paris 01 Le Marais Paris 02 Paris 03 Paris 04
Paris Le Marais Paris 06 Paris 07 Paris 08 Champs Elysées
09 Paris St Lazare Paris 10 Paris 11 Paris 12
Paris 13 Paris 14 Paris 15 Paris 16
Paris 17 Paris 18 Paris 19 Paris 20
Attacks in Paris Fires in Paris Robberies in Paris Thefts in Paris
Violences à Paris Violence in Paris
Bandes à Paris Bands in Paris
Bagarres à Paris Fights in Paris
Agressions sexuelles à Paris Sexual assault in Paris
Accidents par arrondissements: chiffres de la préfecture et ceux de RiskInParis Points Noirs Accidents boroughs figures of the prefecture and those of blacks RiskInParis Points
Arrondissement 01 District 01 Arrondissement 02 District 02 Arrondissement 03 District 03 Arrondissement 04 District 04
Arrondissement 05 District 05 Arrondissement 06 District 06 Arrondissement 07 District 07 Arrondissement 08 District 08
Arrondissement 09 District 09 Arrondissement 10 District 10 Arrondissement 11 District 11 Arrondissement 12 District 12
Arrondissement 13 District 13 Arrondissement 14 District 14 Arrondissement 15 District 15 Arrondissement 16 District 16
Arrondissement 17 District 17 Arrondissement 18 District 18 Arrondissement 19 District 19 Arrondissement 20 District 20
Les faits divers par type comme les agressions, incendies, vols The events by type such as assault, arson, theft
Agressions à Paris Attacks in Paris
Agressions dans le 78 Attacks in the 78
Agressions dans le 92 Attacks in the 92
Incendies à Paris Fires in Paris
Agressions à Oise Assault Oise
Agressions dans le 77 Attacks in the 77
Agressions dans le 91 Attacks in the 91
Incendies à 93 Fires 93

Here is a help to assess your security RiskInParis Go to site

Here is an aid to assess any security to website RiskInParis Total and very long (Firefox only)

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